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 This is the home of the Under Ground Writing Project (UGWP) of Colorado Springs. We are a writers' group dedicated to the development and fellowship of writers up and down Colorado's Front Range. While we are based in the Pikes Peak area, we have writers joining us from as far north as Denver and as far south as Pueblo.

For more information on UGWP and its goals, please visit our FAQ page. If you want to know about upcoming events (signings, shindigs, or whatnot) check out our Calendar. The Notes from Under Ground section is where you'll find posts on writing, publishing, and generally what's up with the group. Check out Community for links to local and national experts on writing and publishing.

If you would like to be considered for our Community page, or if you have questions/concerns that aren't mentioned in any of these places...then please email:

[email protected]




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